Coalition for Reproductive Health and Safe Abortion

Who We Are


Constituted in 2006, CommonHealth is a rights-based, multi-state coalition of organization and individuals that advocates for increased access to sexual and reproductive health care and services to improve health conditions of women and marginalized communities. Within sexual and reproductive health and rights, CommonHealth concentrates its efforts largely on Maternal health and Safe abortion. The coalition draws its membership from diverse disciplines, thematic areas and geographies within the country.

What We Do

Influence Discourse

Provide thought leadership and influence the sexual

and reproductive health discourse.

Capacity building and Mentoring

Organize capacity building and discourse influencing workshops with diverse actors such as policymakers, state officials, grassroots organisations, researchers, lawyers and healthcare providers. CommonHealth also support, facilitate and mentor advocacy projects at the grassroots level.


Disseminate relevant information among CommonHealth members and at various local, regional, national and international fora.

Evidence building

Build evidence about the status of sexual and reproductive health and rights for advocacy at local, national and international levels.

Creating common ground

Provide a forum for members to share their experiences in meetings and through social media. CommonHealth also provide opportunities for peer-support and learning through collaborative initiatives among members.

Mobilize advocates

Mobilize advocates to adopt a rights-based and gender equity perspective.

CommonHealth’s Achievements

Dead Women Talking, a study of maternal deaths carried out in different parts of the country, emerged as the most impactfull work as it increased visibility of maternal deaths – both nationally and globally. The study resulted in the incorporation of Maternal Death Reviews as one of the responsibilities of a number of district level health committees.

CommonHealth pioneered the “Creating Common Ground” agenda for activists working to prevent sex-selection and those working to promote access to safe abortion, in order to expand the constituency supporting the demand for safe abortion services.

The coalition contributed to the civil society shadow report for the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, Universal Periodic Review, Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals.

CommonHealth’s Advocates’ Guide for Rights-based Contraceptive Services will soon be converted into a tool to monitor the service provision of contraceptives in different settings.

Timely information is provided to members in the form of factsheets and through the CommonHealth listserv.

Ms. Manushi Sheth, Coordinator, SAHAJ (Vadodara, Gujarat)